Tried and trusted solutions for hair growth after chemo

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The relation between hair loss and stress
October 9, 2017
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Tried and trusted solutions for hair growth after chemo

hair growth after chemo

Chemotherapy can easily weaken our entire body, especially our hair. After the treatment you will notice that they fall out in great quantities. It can be a very shocking revelation to you, but the uneasy situation can be reversed. You just need some patience, faith and take any possible action to stimulate hair growth after chemotherapy. We know how hard it can be to battle not only the illness, but also the loss of your hair, so we have prepared a list of solutions which may help you.

Solutions for hair growth after chemo

First thing you should remember is that you need patience. Patience is very important during this process. Hair usually starts to regrow 2-3 months after chemo, but you can easily stimulate the process so that the hair grows much quicker. Using specific methods, you can actually make your new hair even stronger than they were before the therapy. However, when it comes to hair growth after chemo there is never a 100% guarantee that any solution you try out will show positive results. Therefore it is recommended that you try out many different ones to see which one has the most success. You have nothing to lose either way, and some of these solutions may prove to be very helpful. In addition, if one of the ideas does work, you will see the results of hair growth much quicker than anticipated, so it’s a win win situation. So where to start?

First try some oils, but search for ones that do not contain alcohol, as it dries the skin on your scalp. You can buy some popular oil-rubs in drugstores, but you can also prepare one yourself, if you have the designated natural ingredients. For example, you can prepare a fenugreek oil by dipping a table spoon of the seeds in hot water. You can also try a mixture of nettles and field horsetails – you need a table spoon of dry leaves of those two herbs and two cups of hot water. Put each herb in a cup, pour hot water onto them and wait till they brew. Then give the perpetrated mixture time to cool, after that mix both brews and rub the substance into your scalp two times a day for a week. You can also experience a successful hair growth after chemo if you utilise birch juice, which not only stimulates the follicles and nourishes the skin, but also protects it against inflammations.

Another important thing to remember…

Try to protect your scalp, which can be very vulnerable. Hide it from the sun and heat, as they can damage regenerating follicles. That is why you should always wear a hat or a headscarf after the therapy, especially during sunny summer days. Additionally, in order to make the growth of hair after chemo quicker, you should try to use very delicate cosmetics. You should not use shampoos with SLS, so always check the labels at the back of the products, and inspect the ingredient list carefully. In general, eliminate products which can irritate your skin. Shampoos for kids are a great choice, as they are usually made of natural ingredients and don’t contain detergents. They are certified by health organisations so you can be sure they are safe. Natural hair masks are also great, as they do not include any chemicals that ‘stick’ to your hair, preventing them and your scalp from breathing. Also – if you notice any dandruff or irritated skin, immediately change the products you use. It is always a good idea to prepare some solutions yourself from the popular, natural ingredients you can easily buy. A good product for stimulating hair growth after chemo can be a special oil made out of olive oil and castor oil with a drop of egg yolk and lemon juice.

You shouldn’t weaken the hair that are new and have already grown back.

Loose the hair dyes, hair straightening and uncomfortable/ambitious hair styles. Try not to pull your hair too much while you brush them and do not tie them too tight in a knot or ponytail. Also be careful when you dry your hair with a towel and try to be as delicate as possible, also try to avoid a hair dryer. To stimulate hair growth after chemo, you should also think about changing your diet. Try to eat as much important nutrients as possible. It is advised to eat large quantities of protein, fruits, vegetables and eggs which contain a lot of substances that build, develop and strengthen your hair and nails. Adding some whole-wheat products, butter, fish and plant oils is also a good idea, as is drinking large quantities of water. Definitely include some natural solutions into your daily regimen. For example, you can try a nettle brew or think about yeast therapy. Follow these steps: add 1/4 of a normal yeast portion in a glass of hot water, wait till the mixture brews, cool it down and drink it. This treatment should be completed over three months, as only then you will see some effects. It is worth knowing, that yeast not only stimulates hair growth, but also strengthens their structure and prevents them from falling out. Dietary supplements with additional vitamins are also a great solution – make sure you buy the ones which are recommended for battling hair loss.

You can also see some positive effects in hair growth after chemo if you simply massage your scalp. Slow and delicate rubbing (circular motions) stimulate blood flow, which in turn stimulates your follicles, and quickens the whole growth process even more. Those with a larger budget can also think about mezotherapy, as long as they are not easily scared by medical procedures. Mezotherapy consists of vitamin jabs being applied on the scalp, which may help you regain the healthy skin and in turn stimulate hair growth. Mezotherapy was proven to be effective, but it is also rather expensive and as such it is not a method designated for everyone.

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