Real hair extensions – the advice needed

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December 22, 2017
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Real hair extensions – the advice needed

Real hair extensions

Real hair extensions – the types available

There’s plenty of hair loss treatment methods out there on the market. Hair extensions and hair enhancement systems are particularly popular amongst the public. The available hair extensions can be divided into two categories: those made from real human hair and hair extensions made from synthetic, artificial hair. Of course, each type has its benefits, but generally it’s a known fact that real hair extensions are more preferable and favourable compared to the synthetic ones.

Real hair extensions are made from actual human hair. Most of the time it’s grown by Russian women who dedicate their time and effort to cultivate their hair and then sell it to special agencies! Therefore, such hair is recognised for its high quality, thickness and longevity. Real hair extensions are made only from top quality components of human hair and are processed in such a way that they look natural regardless of the hairstyle and colour. There are generally a lot of real hair extension types, depending on the attachment method. For example, there are tape-ins, sewn-ins and various other common and uncommon attachment alternatives. Interestingly, some of the attachment methods are more invasive than others. In other words, some (non-invasives), are attached without causing any pain, but then there are those methods (invasives), that can cause unpleasantness and discomfort.

Real hair extensions – hair studios

If you’re set on having real hair extensions done, then there are a few ways to get them. Firstly, there’s a lot of online shops which sell various types of hair extensions that can be easily attached without professional assistance. Secondly, there’s plenty of hair studios and salons offering the hair extensions and ways of attachment. This means that you can count on a specialist advice and top-quality procedure or opt for an easier and cheaper option and settle for the simple extensions that you can mess with yourself. Remember, that you can always visit a hair clinic and ask around for an individual, private consultation, where professional suggestions will be made.

Though no matter what method you choose, you should certainly keep in mind that real hair extensions can guarantee the ultimate natural look, and last much longer than synthetic alternatives. Still, they can be more expensive. Last but not least – they are just hair extensions after all, and they don’t actually replace your own hair. Therefore, before choosing the extensions, carefully consider your options, valuing all pros and cons and possible outcomes of your decisions. Because if your hair is just thin and sensitive (but otherwise looks good), then there’s no actual reason for having hair extensions. Remember that your natural hair is beautiful no matter what state, shape or colour its found in. It’s a different case scenario, however, if you’re suffering from substantial hair loss caused by serious diseases such as alopecia areata or trichotillomania. Or if genetics finally got to you. In this case scenarios, opting for hair extensions is a very popular and recommended choice – in the end you want to feel good about yourself and the way you look, so don’t let a silly illness stop this from happening.

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