Hair loss solutions

Food that may cause hair loss
Food that may cause hair loss
October 13, 2017
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Treating alopecia – what you need to know
November 5, 2017
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Hair loss solutions

hair loss solutions

Effective hair loss solutions

How many stray hairs do you always see on the brush after using it? What about your pillow, carpet and bathroom? A lot? If that’s the case then you probably have to deal with severe hair loss. There are few causes to why you might be losing so much hair. If you think that this is becoming a real issue, then you will need to determine why that is happening, so you can work on treating yourself as soon as possible. Of course, jus to be on the safe side, it is best for you to visit a dermatologist or trychologist so they can perform a correct diagnosis, with no delay. However, meanwhile there is nothing wrong with following a few guidelines and effective hair loss solutions that will allow you to prevent long term hair loss, so you can maintain a lush head of hair. These steps certainly won’t hurt, instead they will bring you a lot of benefits. Firstly you they will improve your general appearance and strengthen/nourish your hair making them smooth and shiny. We will describe the methods below which, in our opinion, give the best results.

  1. Warm compresses made with castor oil and egg yolk – this is perhaps one of the oldest way to deal with hair loss – our grandmothers probably tested it at some point. It involves mixing a bit of castor oil with egg yolk and a few drops of lemon. Apply this mix to the scalp and hair, then wrap your head with a warm towel and leave it to rest for approximately 30 minutes. Once this is done wash your head with a delicate and high quality shampoo.
  2. Lotions containing nettles and horsetail – nettles and horsetail are known for their properties which strengthen and stimulate hair growth. It is therefore appropriate to incorporate them into the daily care. Just prepare a mixture of dried leaves of the herbs by boiling them together, cool the whole thing and use it for washing your hair. This is one of the best hair loss solutions, but it requires regularity, and you have to wait and be patient to notice any effects.
  3. Wash your head with warm water and salt from the Dead Sea – another hair loss solution is the use of sea salt. The salt which comes directly from the Dead Sea has strong healing properties. Due to the fact that it contains magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromine and iron, it has great properties for treatment of psoriasis, allergies and seborrhea. Thus, using it can be good for scalp, cleaning, refreshing and strengthening the skin and hair. So how should you use it? Just purchase sea salt (preferably from Dead Sea) and dissolve it in warm water. After this use it on wet hair and scalp, and rub it gently in, before applying the shampoo and washing your hair properly.
  4. Changing care habits and styling – discussing effective hair loss solutions and all aspects of hair care cannot be omitted. However styling is also an important feature of hair care. Believe it or not, tight braids, ponytails and buns can often be the cause of hair loss. Wrong care also includes excessive use of a hair dryer or straighteners, curling irons etc. Even frequent styling i.e. gelling it can be harmful. Using substances that can be irritating and cause dry scalp should also be avoided. For example, a lot of damage can be done through shampoos that contain SLS, so it is better to change them immediately and use delicate ones instead. Those for children are ideal.
  5. Creams – Other popular and effective hair loss solution is the use of creams. You can buy ready-made ones in pharmacies or prepare them yourself. Its quite simple actually, just grate the black radish and obtain juice from it. Then apply this into the scalp. Applying a range of mixes to your scalp like fenugreek, sage, nettle, sweet flag and horsetail can also bring great results.
  6. Enrichment of a diet – it is necessary to point out that the use all of the hair loss solutions mentioned above will not have much effect if you do not improve your diet. It is worth to give your body more protein and eat food rich in selenium, sulfur, iron, silicon, magnesium and potassium as well as vitamins B, PP and niacin. You can find those easily in eggs, almonds, lentils, oatmeal, green vegetables, etc.

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