Hair growth after chemo – a thoroughly impactful experience

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Hair growth after chemo – a thoroughly impactful experience

Hair growth after chemo

Hair growth after chemo – moving past the limits

Cancer sickness and associated chemotherapy have a huge negative impact on a person’s health, appearance, mental condition and self perception. Experiencing a very serious illness and the unknowingness whether we will be treated or not will always be traumatic. Nonetheless, if, and once we are successfully treated, the aftereffects of chemo shouldn’t be overlooked or treated lightly. It’s the opposite, our hair will need extra care following chemo. After overcoming cancer, most people tend to underestimate the negative effects of chemo, ignoring them and assuming that if they are cancer-free, that’s all that matters. This is a common misconception, as treating the side-effects of chemo is just as important as treating cancer itself.

Moreover, hair growth after chemo takes time, so a person needs to be patient. Secondly, a person’s hair doesn’t instantly grow back as it used to, in other words it will be weak, brittle and frail at first, and only over time it’s original condition will return. This makes the growing process troublesome and difficult once the therapies are finished. And all these strictly physical aspects of hair growth after chemo cause serious frustration. Generally, people going through hair growth after chemo can experience major problems with their physical appearance, self perception and self esteem. All of these side effects can be classified as thoroughly impactful experiences, affecting your physicality and mentality.

But when it comes to physical appearance problems, it’s actually easy to overcome them. It just takes some time, patience and self determination to achieve positive changes. So shortly we can enjoy a head full of hair again. After some time, a distorted physical appearance usually gets back to normal and even if there are issues during this process then there are always temporary solutions that can cover up the negative effects of hair loss. One of the most common and popular solutions is the use of hair wigs, head bands or even advanced hair enhancement systems. However, when it comes to repairing our self esteem and perception, the solutions are far more complex. If people stop recognising themselves in the mirror and experience a troubled mind then our treatment cannot stop at successful hair restoration. Some kind of psychological therapy will be in need to accompany the natural or stimulated hair growth process. The most important thing to remember is that getting back on our feet quickly and understanding that we’re recovering is key. After all, our bodies are our best cures, and a right mindset will do it all. Hair growth after chemo is a complicated process, during which various experiences and traumas will overlap. The main point is that we do not forget to care or treat the side effects of chemo once we are treated. In addition, we need to remember to not give up – hair related problems caused by chemo are normal, and with special help it’ll only be a matter of time before you fully recover.

Hair growth after chemo – effective solutions

To rightly solve the problem of hair growth after chemo, it’s best to enhance the natural hair growth process, by applying dedicated hair care cosmetics and treating your hair to attractive procedures. Thanks to this our appearance and hair condition may visibly improve. When it comes to our state of mentality, it best to visit a hair specialist once in a while who will tell us truthfully that our hair condition is improving. Alternatively, psychological therapies are also a good boost to self esteem. But above all, sometimes a simple understanding is all that we need – having family, friends around and spending merry times with them is enough, as they will also help us to forget about the chemo side effects and will be there to support us.

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