How quickly does hair grow
How quickly does hair grow
February 13, 2018
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Female hair loss

Female hair loss

Female hair loss – is it still a taboo topic?

If a man goes bald in his life, normally people will understand that this a natural process. We usually assume that this is the inevitable turn of events provoked by man’s nature, whereby with age the hair just slowly vanishes. However, female hair loss evokes far more emotions, in those who suffer from it and those who interact with the sufferer. But why is that? The answer is simple. Our social interactions throughout our lives conditioned us to comprehend that women ‘should’ have hair, and we rarely see women that are completely bald. Perhaps because of this we got used to this ‘normality’, and now we struggle to see things differently. And if a woman is seen to have no hair or lack of them, it’s automatically associated that she’s either got uncanny style, or she’s suffering with an illness. But what a lot of people don’t realise, is that women suffering with hair-issues is normal, but a lot of them are very good at concealing these problems.

Hair – is it the attribute of femininity?

If a woman plays with her hair during a date, it could be considered as an innate element of the art of seduction. It’s often the case that when a woman is in the presence of a man she twirls her hair strands with her fingers. Other times she will change/improve her hairstyle to look more appealing or try to arouse interest. They’re all actions that represent signs that she is interested in a man, and automatically desires to make herself more enticing. Therefore to some extent hair can be an attribute of flirtation, not necessarily of femininity (as many tend to think).

Long or short hair – it’s not important, because a woman can look beautiful in all ways, and a hairstyle or lack of it doesn’t prove anything. And indeed, a lot of men will agree that they’re attracted to women who have healthy, thick and shiny hair, compared to those who have short, or even no hair at all. But what a lot of women who lack hair need to remember is that their beauty isn’t determined by the looks, and any woman can feel desirable as long as her personality is appealing and attractive. Hundreds of women managed to prove this, and achieved what is believed to be as unachievable. Self belief is the key in this situation!

Why is the female hair loss not a topic of conversation?

For many women their hair loss means unimaginable distress. They cease to feel feminine, they stop feeling themselves, and lose all belief in their appearance. And the last thing they want is to talk about their problems, because they just feel ashamed, anxious or uncomfortable as they are faced with a difficult topic. So many friends and acquaintances tend to leave this subject matter away due to fear that they will offend the woman, and bring up issues that are outside her comfort zone. Unfortunately, such proceedings will not solve the problem. In fact, they can make it even worse, as woman’s self-esteem can fall down dramatically, and there is no one there to comfort her or prove her own beliefs wrong. So it’s also important that in order to feel comfortable with herself, a woman also needs to open up to the close ones, and breach that barrier of shame and embarrassment. It’ll benefit everyone’s relationship and bring closer the sufferer and her friends.

Female hair loss – how do women try to cope with this issue?

If the defects aren’t too big, many women will try to choose the right hairstyle as their ‘solution’. For example, if they can notice bald patches on their hair, or their hair thinning, they keep their hair fresh and clean, as this turns hair fluffy and sleek, not flat and dull. Doing it that way ensures that the scalp is hidden, and hair is lifted at the roots, therefore all signs of thinning/hair loss are vanished. It has to be remembered, though, that a method like this is only masking the problem – it does not solve it. And unfortunately, even a method like this is insufficient. But then what? Well, there are many other variants one could opt for e.g. by wearing hats or hair scarves. But these are the displeasing and limited alternatives. A much more recommended option is the purchase of a wig or high-quality hair extensions.

So how to effectively fight with female hair loss?

Without a doubt, a sufferer should pay a visit to a trichologist, who will assess the condition of the scalp and hair, and determine the reasons and causes of the problem. Only then will it be possible to begin an effective treatment. The female hair loss problem is an issue that is tackled by a professional and trusted clinic Hair Solved. The patients at the clinic can start the treatment any time they desire, and in the meantime other alternatives are offered, such as hair thickening through the use of high-quality extensions.

Specialist hair-clinics are always looking for the best solutions. They want their patients to be able to enjoy their lives again, and worry not about other problems. They want to provide their patients an opportunity to have their own lush hair again – and so they undertake an intensive medical treatment. But waiting for new hair can last as long as several weeks or months, depending on the patient. So during this time its worth taking advantage of innovative ‘treatments’, thanks to which a woman suffering with thinning hair or hair loss will immediately obtain a beautiful hairstyle. Forget about wigs, hats or scarves. Non-surgical solutions do not weaken the existing delicate hair, and a new hairstyle with the use of extensions can be perfectly tailored for the client’s needs, and the results will be incomparably more comfortable and satisfactory than all other techniques.

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